Coffee Mudtini


Alright team, I am pretty excited to bring you the latest Cold Brew potion I have been perfecting. I think I have it pretty much dialed.

I call it:

🍸 Coffee Mudtini 🍸

This delicious elixir will make you feel classy and get you a-buzzin all at the same time. It’s sure to amaze your friends and perplex your enemies. Careful though, once your comrades have tasted the magic, you won’t be able to stop the calls of, “More Mudtini please!” so make sure you prepare extra!


  • Pour 1.5 ounces of Irish Cream Liqueur (I like Bailey’s) into your fanciest martini glass.

  • Pour 1 ounce of chocolate liqueur (I prefer Godiva Chocolate Liqueur) on top of the Irish Cream.

  • Layer 1.5 ounces of vodka into your concoction.

  • Top off with 2 ounces of cold brew coffee. 

  • Finally (this is the best and most important step) plop in 1 small scoop of chocolate ice cream. 

It is okay if the layers mix, but if you can pour carefully enough you can create a very cool looking layered drink. However, I usually don't have the patience to pull off the layered pour, but you might😋.

Please drink responsibly! 

If you have any cold brew concoctions you would like to share, email them to to be featured!

Written by: Chad Klein - Cold Brew Enthusiast

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